Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Trees, ropes and ladders

Three or four years ago Chuck started work on a treehouse. He got the floor framing built, and that was about it. No decking, no way to get up, just an empty frame in the trees. Every year the kids would make a few wistful comments about wishing they had a treehouse, and Chuck would guiltily remind them of the other handyman- or renovation-priorities that had bubbled to the top of his list of things to do.

The past few weeks, though, the kids have been more persistent, and the salvaged lumber from the deck destruction has been looking mighty enticing. And so yesterday I chopped some 2x4's to length and we got busy nailing up a ladder. Next, a few scraps of temporary decking got nailed up on one side and some boxing-ring-style ropes as the most marginal of safety devices above that. That was enough. Suddenly the treehouse became a climbing and swinging and siege-ing play structure, and the kids have spent hours and hours there. The climbing rope and carabiners have been used to create swings and pulleys. Today I made to prussik loops and Sophie (see photo) got the knack of using them as ascenders up a fixed rope -- not an easy task, but she is a monkey, this kid! It is lovely having the kids keen to be outside right up to and even well past dark.

So far no orthopedic mishaps.


  1. My kids and I would love to come play!

  2. LOL And if your husband is anything like mine...that bit of work you have done will have him working on the tree house in no time!

    We live in a semi rural area and for the life of me I cannot convince my youngest to get outside and play. Both my husband and I garden and do yardwork outside, my husband is always a busy body outside washing vehicles, cleaning the yard and garage, etc...but our youngest just refuses...I am really getting frustrated and worried. My other boys loved being outside, I loved to play outside as a child as much as I loved being inside reading. I think he want a playmate before he will engage in anything outside.

    It is nice to see your children so happy outside and busy and enjoying themselves...I do get great ideas reading and seeing your photos, Miranda!


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