Friday, August 03, 2007

Wildfire update

The sky is almost clear of smoke today, but the fires are behaving badly. The one to the south has jumped the next creek, the highway has been converted into a firebreak (meaning they've bulldozed rubble onto it) and is closed indefinitely. Friends are being evacuated up towards us. Our phone line out of the community is threatened by this fire. They've brought in the big water bombers but winds were picking up this afternoon and the fire is still 0% contained. We're safe, 12 km north, but feeling increasingly cut off.

We're told power will be off again within the hour. I only got 6 of the 10 dozen muffins & squares done, but we'll make do -- and hopefully this is a briefer outage. Take note of the things I've done since getting a call twenty minutes ago: put the Nanaimo bars in the fridge, melted some cheese on corn chips for "supper", run through a pot of coffee, run the load of laundry with my new shirt in it, and posted on my blog. Now you know what's really important in my life. Pathetic, isn't it?


  1. You certainly learn how to prioritise when you know something which you take for granted can be taken away. Hope you continue to be safe from the fire.

  2. LOL Having been through two fires really close to home (came down into our back yard!!!) I know how intense it can be watching and waiting and following to see if you are or will be in danger or could be in danger or if you should consider evacuating, can get darn nerve wracking! But yeah, you are pretty quick at getting the "important" stuff done LOL


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