Saturday, August 11, 2007

After the institute

How cool is this?! Here's my family and our friends from Scotland. We 'met' them about 7 years ago when Linda and I connected via the SuzukiChat e-mail group. Over the years we've shared a lot of conversations, ideas, book recommendations and musings about stages along our kids' musical journeys -- but all at a distance, through e-mail and the post. But finally, finally, we met in real life when they made the intercontinental trek and joined us at the 2007 Suzuki Valhalla Institute.

I had feared that with the full-on busyness of the week and all the organizational and social demands on myself during this heady week that we wouldn't get a chance to connect properly. But connect we did, and it was as comfortable as if we'd been living in the same town all along. The kids got along brilliantly. No surprise there, as all six of them belong to the neatest-kids-in-the-universe club.

Here we all are together -- Ewan, Megan, Linda, Erin, Charles, Sophie, Fiona, Miranda, Noah and Alex -- after the brilliant final concert at the community hall. Now it's all over. The next few days will constitute a period of mourning for us as we try to get used to not having all our Old-New friends around. How does life go on after a week like this?


  1. Wow that's great! I assume that's Linda who used to post now and then at the old TDS boards. If so be sure to say hello to her for me!

  2. Yes, one and the same! I will pass your hello on!


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