Friday, July 20, 2007

If you're planning a visit

If you're planning to visit us, take this warning to heart: use the back door. The front door, which enters off the used-to-be-a-deck, is not only missing much of its decking -- what is there has been carefully and deceptively laid out to give the illusion of stability. The inner circle within our family knows the secret route across, but it's not clear to a casual visitor, and the remainder is booby-trapped in multiple ways.

The kids spent hours rigging up these booby-traps today. Shown in the photo is an early stage in construction. I can't reveal too much here. The evil enemy might be reading this blog.

It's not that we don't love visitors. If you're not the evil enemy, don't be deterred. Just come to the back door.


  1. Oh, no! Not more suspense! :)

    It looks like the kids are having a great of fun with this. Maybe we adults should get more creative and find the fun in work, too!

    Hmmm. What kind of suspense can I develop about cleaning the bathroom?

    By the way, today I went back and read your blog "As Common as Dirt." And I read all the comments. I can see why you responded to my blog as you did. I would have left this comment on you actual blog entry, but it is pretty far back and also has lots of comments. I hope you don't mind.

    Anyway, I think you and I agree on much. One reason we took N. out of school is that we were concerned that, due to the profound nature of his twice-exception-ality (is that even a word?), EVERYTHING he was and does might be brought under the labels. And all of the interventions were definitely getting in the way of his being "just a kid." He was given a tremendous amount of homework each night because he was so "slow" in some ways but had had "so much potential" in others (the quotes are around phrases we heard many times over).

    He (and we) are much more relaxed now as we are doing the same as you--just dealing with the everyday kid in front of us.

    I think the comments by "Anon" are probably a reaction to responses s/he has had from hostile parents and teachers. It can get pretty ugly for GK's and their parents in some of the US public schools.

    And finally, I really did like your metaphor of the coins. N.'s does not shine so bright at first, but when you dust it off and put it in the light, it is also beautiful!

  2. Mehehehe the evil enemy watches...

  3. LOL Too funny...I hope the story continues!


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