Saturday, August 04, 2007

Martin Mars

The magnificent Martin Mars water bomber was working the Springer Creek fire here on the lake yesterday. It can scoop and drop 60,000 pounds of water in a single drop. Its aerodynamics defy belief -- how can that thing stay aloft at such slow speeds?

It's not just air tankers they're bringing in. There are a lot of people being brought in from the outside to help out with fire and emergency services. Tonight we were driving to the Kohan Garden for a walk along the lake, and to take photos. We got stopped by a highway flag-person whose job it is to inform people of the road closure 10 km south. He was standing at the main highway intersection in New Denver. I rolled down my window to reassure him that we weren't heading that way.

"We're staying in New Denver," I said. He nodded and started to wave us through.

"Wait!" he said, second-guessing himself. "New Denver ... that's the town on this side of Silverton?"

"Um, yeah," I said. "It's here. You're standing in it."

"Okay," he replied, not even looking sheepish.

Wonder where they find these people?

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  1. LOL It IS amazing to see the efforts these people put in!

    I remember the 2003 fires and making a huge pot of red beans and rice to take to the local firehouse as everyone was dropping off donuts and sodas and munchie type foods. They were so happy to get some real home cooked stuff. Of course a piping hot bowl of red beans and sausage might not of been on the top of their list coming out of a piping hot fire pit LOL Live and learn!


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