Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Easterly connections

Is this where things are leading? I cannot imagine a person with more goodness in them than this violin teacher. Not only that, but she's experienced, gentle, funny, compassionate, effusive and talented. She likes teens. She likes Erin. Erin likes her (no one gets this physically close to Erin unless they are very very much liked). Unfortunately she lives 7 1/2 hours away, across the continental divide.

Whatever. I guess we'll deal with it.

She's here right now and she and Erin, who have known each other a few summers, are going to get together for a lesson or two in the next couple of days. And then we'll go to Calgary for some violin shopping in September and we'll try to hook them up again. She may not end up being Erin's Teacher in any long-term formal sense, but maybe Erin will come to see her as a mentor. Maybe she'll help give Erin another violin connection that will help her keep going.

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  1. She is a great teacher - we had her for our group teacher for 2 summers. I hope it works out!


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