Wednesday, August 08, 2007

In like a dirty shirt

A year ago I wrote a post about the 2006 Suzuki Valhalla Institute experience for my kids. About Fiona, then three, I wrote:

"For at least a year she's been eagerly joining in on her siblings' lessons and group classes, but I didn't realize how much it was their presence that drew her in. In her own class of 3-to-6-year-olds, without her siblings there, she was much more reticent. She was the youngest but almost the most advanced in her group class, but struggled to leave my lap at times."

Different year, totally different kettle of fish. She is so into the whole institute experience. She doesn't need me to help her unpack her violin, get tuned and get lined up in class. She doesn't need me in view, nodding and smiling to reassure her. Heck, she doesn't need me in the room at all. She cares not one whit that she's in different classes from her siblings, or that she'd never met her master class teacher before. She is smiling, keen, and totally rapt. She even commented tonight that she thinks her master class lesson is shorter than that of her classmates' (it isn't!) and she wishes she could have a longer lesson -- that she would like to work even harder.


  1. It's fun to see them grow!

  2. They grow too fast!

    Last year when Tim (our youngest) joined his school's Chinese Orchestra, he was shy and unsure, even tho' he was fairly competent despite having learnt the Chinese Erhu only for 2 months.

    But now almost 1 year later, he's so part of the group. He mixes well with the rest of the seniors and even the secondary school boys! (most of the boys his age are not ready to perform yet). And last Saturday after a concert, he asked if there's such a concert every year b/c he says it's so fun. *haha*

    I almost can't believe he's the same boy!


  3. It's funny about Fiona saying that her master class seemed too short! That's the same thing I heard from Tess too. They sure do want all the time they can get, don't they???



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