Thursday, August 23, 2007

Noah's Learning Plan

Math: Will delve properly into Teaching Textbooks Algebra 1 (began this in June, but life got in the way). May need some review of pre-algebra topics from time to time as he went through that material so quickly.

Science: Will use CyberEd Physical Science and Earth & Space Science courses. Would like a flow chart to help him track his progress through these. May also use the Life Sciences course. Will help with caring for the laying hens. Will continue to enjoy science documentaries from Would like to do some hands-on science "experiments" in a self-directed fashion at home, inspired by ideas from books.

Languaging: Will continue to dabble in the Getty-Dubay cursive workbooks. Would like reminders about this. Will try practicing cursive during readaloud time. Will continue to try to fill his "bored" time with reading a variety of print sources, rather than defaulting to the computer. Enjoys blogging and plans to continue with this, both on his private blog and on our closed extended-family blog. Will continue to listen to challenging literature read aloud on a nightly basis.

Technology: Would like to continue to explore computer scripting and programming. Wants to find an accessible C++ programming environment for motivated pre-teens. Would like to explore videography, digital video editing, DVD production, stop-motion animation and digital photography. Also curious about Powerpoint software.

Arts: Will continue with viola lessons. Wants to make more of an effort to take advantage of his mother's ability to help him with his daily practicing. May take occasional lessons with our friend, a viola specialist, in Calgary. Will play in community orchestra and Suzuki group classes. Would like to continue with string quartet, but not necessarily weekly throughout the entire academic year, which he thinks would reduce overall enthusiasm and momentum. Would like some more challenging repertoire for quartet. Will tackle some of the Alfred Complete Music Theory Course on CD with the aim of completing Level 1 and possibly 2 this year, with alto clef focus. Curious about paper maché sculpting technique a local artist friend uses and would be interested in a one-day workshop if we can set this up. Wants to continue to explore digital photography and computer graphics and photo-editing. Interested in the watercolour pencil crayons he saw his friend A. using at SVI and might like to try this medium out.

Life skills: Will continue with wood-carving. Would like to explore blacksmithing with his dad. Wants to learn archery skills and hone his air-rifle marksmanship. Wants to do some wilderness camping and practice some survival skills (fire-building, shelter construction). Wants more kayaking and canoeing experience. Still sees the need for more work on moderating his computer habits. Wants to procure some software that will allow him to set custom limits for himself on his internet use and game play, whether by time of day or hours accrued.

Humanities: Will participate in Homeschool Co-op World Tour (geography focus) on a weekly or biweekly basis. Will read or be read aloud to from historical and cultural fiction. documentaries and dramas to supplement.

Physical Education: Wants new ice skates and will help flood and maintain an outdoor rink this winter. Wants more experience with canoeing and kayaking. Will continue trail-building and mountain-biking in the woods surrounding our home.

Second Language: Has expressed an interest in both French and ASL. We will explore possible resources in both these areas. Does not want to work with a native French-speaker. Finds Rosetta Stone too immersion-like for his learning style; would be useful as a supplement, but wants a more academic approach to lay things out logically and clearly for him so that he picks up some of the basic "rules". Intrigued by the non-verbal nature of ASL and feels he might be more adventurous in this realm. We wondered whether it might be possible to learn both simultaneously -- signing while saying "je m'appelle Noah" or "passez-moi une fourchette, s'il vous plait."

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  1. Very ambitious! And I bet very capable as well! I can't wait to read about how it goes.

    I am very inspired by the kids' planning and plan to borrow some of the ideas/format for working with my own son this year.

    Thanks for being such an inspiration, Miranda!


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