Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Sophie's Learning Plan

I'll flesh Sophie's plan out with the obvious daily stuff, and some education-ese later. For now, here is the result of our brainstorming today.

Math: Wants to complete Singapore Grade 5 and possible Grade 6 this year.

Physical Education: Wants opportunities to continue to improve her swimming, which has really taken off this summer in the lake. Also wants to skate. Now that we don't have a dog, we can plan to flood our backyard rink again this winter. We must get the rink liner patched in the next few weeks! If skating lessons are offered locally (unlikely, since at this point there's no rink) she would like to take them. Enjoys weekly homeschool gym mornings through the cooler months. Would like to do community soccer again this coming year, and would also enjoy family gym nights from time to time.

Sciences: Will continue to explore her interest in Biology using Neil Campbell's Biology textbook and all the multimedia course support that came with it, and by working through the CyberEd Life Sciences course. She may also pursue some or all of the CyberEd Physical Science and Earth & Space Science courses. Will help care for laying hens. Wants to work towards the goal of family llama husbandry. Will continue to participate in our GRUBS gardening and environmental education club.

Humanities: Will participate in the World Tour homeschool co-op we plan to set up, which will be weekly or biweekly sessions devoted to exploring the cuisine, history, culture and handicrafts of a different geographic area or country. Supplemented by historical fiction, documentaries and general interest-led reading.

Second Language: Wishes to pursue French language learning. We have some resources, including some introductory Rosetta Stone lessons which she has been working away at. If TRS continues to appeal to her, we will purchase the entire Level 1. We'll also research books, audio materials and any TV shows that might prove useful. Does not want instruction or guidance for a native speaker.

Arts: Will continue to study violin, comprising daily practicing, weekly private lessons and alternating weekly group classes and community orchestra. Would also be interested in doing some music theory this year. Will look at the computer-based Alfred Course we have, and we will also investigate a workbook program that was recommended to me this summer as violin-friendly. Does not want piano lessons! Would like to do more clay classes. Is interested in a paper maché workshop a friend might be willing to offer. Would re-enroll in art classes locally in a heartbeat if they were offered, but this is unlikely. Enjoys painting abstracts; would like some nice acrylics to work with. (Our good acrylics are running out.) Wants to do some screenprinting and try some more tie-dyeing. Would like to explore videography, stop-motion animation and video-editing.

Language Arts: Will keep a log of novels independently read (is currently re-reading the Harry Potter series). Will continue to enjoy nightly readalouds. Enjoys magazines and newspaper reading. Will contribute a short paragraph to the weekly reports to the SelfDesign program about something notable from her week. Will continue to work on cursive handwriting using the Getty-Dubay series. Wants reminders to keep plugging away at this. Will also try out a typing tutor program on the computer.

Life Skills: Wants to do more cooking on her own. We will investigate a couple of new kids' vegetarian cookbooks. Wants to learn more camping / survival skills. Our family wilderness camping trip, planned for next month, will provide opportunities for this. Wants to continue to build her sewing skills, including work with Polartec.


  1. I'm planning on doing Self-Design with my daughter next year (she'll be 6) and I was really interested and excited to read your learning plans. I think this program will be a great fit for us, too.

  2. I love reading your blog Miranda. You and your family are inspirational to me. I was wondering if you could give me more information about the CyberEd Life Sciences. Is there a textbook you need to purchase to access the website? How does the program work? Thanks! ~Jenn

  3. Hi Jenn, the CyberEd courses are available to homeschoolers via HomeschoolBuyersCo-op. Their first co-op deal ended July, but they recently wrote something that implied it would be recurring soon. Membership is free. I've been impressed with them.

  4. Impressive...sounds well thought-out and very doable. I am so interested in reading all about her efforts and successes and how things evolve as you move through them :-)


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