Wednesday, March 25, 1998

Erin's Violin Blog 9

We've moved up to a sixteenth-size violin. The tailpiece on the thirty-second-size cracked, and it has proved impossible to find a replacement. I had a nice sixteenth sitting around waiting for her, so we've switched. It's a little too big still, but she is in LOVE with the tone. It sounds so huge and robust compared to the old one.

The Twinkles are pretty secure now. We lost track with our Twinkle-counting somewhere beyond a hundred. We had run out of KinderSurprises, and I mentioned to Erin when we were out shopping that we should get some more. She said not to bother, she's didn't want them any more. Not want a chocolate egg with a toy inside?! We don't seem to need the stickers or the Loonies any more either. Success is its own motivator!

I think it's almost time to move on. We still have some trouble with a droopy violin and a left hand that grips the neck of the violin. But I think she's a Twinkler now, rather than a pre-Twinkler, so next week we will start working on the E - C-sharp pattern that begins Lightly Row, the next piece.