Tuesday, April 28, 1998

Erin's Violin Blog 10

I keep expecting the bubble to burst. We have been rollicking along for almost four months now. The routine is established, progress is occurring, and the progress is serving as motivation. I am amazed. It really seems to be working.

It took Erin about a month to learn Lightly Row. We are now working on Song of the Wind, the next piece. When I think back, I realize we spent about fifteen months on bow-hold and rhythmic awareness, eight months on the first piece, and one month on the second piece. Tangible progress happens day by day now, and she is now aware of the progress without me needing to remind her: "when you were three you couldn't do that!"

We still miss the group exposure. She's been able to attend two regional group classes this year, and even this little bit helps. I think we will go to the institute again this year. She is much more confident and outgoing than she was last year, and I think she will get even more out of the experience this summer.

She's turned into quite a little performer. She will pull out her violin and play a quick concert for anyone who will sit still long enough for a Twinkle. She played this week for her nursery school class. "Wow!" said the teacher. "How long did it take her to learn that?" "About two years", I replied, with a laugh. A happy laugh.