Thursday, November 08, 2007

Self-portrait with uvula

My mom has graciously lent us her camera. Sophie took this photo of herself to commemorate her ninth birthday. She was quite happy, really. Just awfully silly.

It's been a rotten week of family colds, so we missed the window of opportunity for the hot springs trip she'd asked for and have had to delay until next week, when her dad is no longer on call. Too bad. She took it in good grace.

She baked the entire luscious celebratory vanilla cheesecake herself from scratch. Her birthday gift to herself was to do reams of fraction and ratio bar-diagram problems in her Singapore Math book the night before so that she'd be able to move into the geometry section on her special day. What a funny kid!

And also on her birthday she read, she cleaned, she played on the computer, she goofed around with her siblings, she went to children's choir practice, she prepped a silkscreen for tomorrow's printing, she knitted and listened to readalouds of biography and historical fiction. Birthday gifts were a few small packets of nice origami paper and a thick inspiring omnibus of challenging origami patterns & instructions (something she's been wanting for ages), a cookbook and a funky wooden clock she'd also had her eye on for some time. An enjoyable, low-key day.

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  1. Happy Birthday, Sophie. Enjoy being nine!


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