Sunday, November 18, 2007

Happy traveller

Proof positive that Fiona doesn't mind all the driving she's being subjected to these days. This photo was taken a little more than 11 hours into the 14 hours of driving we did last Thursday-Friday-Saturday. Still comfortable and still smiling. She likes to be a part of whatever is going on in our family, even if that's interminable driving. She can keep a lively conversation going almost single-handedly. For hours. What a kid.

And yes, I admit I held the camera over my own head, pointing backwards, while driving, to take this shot. You can see through the window, though, that I'm still staying nicely out of the left lane.

Tomorrow morning: Nelson again! Will it ever stop?

1 comment:

  1. My kids were that way when they were younger, and are that way when our van is running, we are taking that to the shop tonight...transmission is going out.
    So when we cram 2 boys, both 6 foot, and their sister who isn't tiny in the back seat of the car...they tend to get cranky.

    Cute picture.


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