Thursday, November 29, 2007

Going, going ...

... almost gone. Some weeds were still waving their seedstalk flags up through the snow in our yard a couple of days ago. Now they're fully covered beneath a delicious snowy carpet.

Kids have been sledding. Skiing. Skating. Winter has come down the mountain.

In the next day or two we'll formulate our Christmas Activity Calendar. This is something we do every year before December 1st. When I read "Unplug the Christmas Machine" a few years ago one idea that really resonated with me was that Christmas can become, rather than a season of joy and celebration, a big build-up to a day or two of over-indulgence, and then a let-down "guess that's it, eh?" feeling. We're striving to find ways to create a season of special rituals and celebrations that fill the month of December, rather than saving everything for the momentous Day Itself.

Our calendar entries usually include things like the following: go to Christmas market, start listening to Christmas music, help decorate Grandma's tree, put up Christmas lights, moonlight walk in the woods, bonfire, skating party, put up garlands, make and hang treats for the birds, visit the lights in the community garden, go to the choir concert, okay to start eating baked treats, jigsaw puzzle and egg nog night, family games festival ... and so on.


  1. That sounds like us too...a season of family sharing and togetherness and play. Well, that sounds like us all the time, but, in relation to "the holiday"...;)

    Nice to have snow-we have been hoping for more than the dusting we got so far. Windy dark cold isn't any fun compared to windy dark SNOWY cold. Makes a huge difference!

  2. i can't find a canadian retailer for this book. any ideas?

    i've been quietly unplugging for years, but i end up just sulking. gotta change this!

  3. Hi Ania, it looks like Chapters/Indigo on-line still has stock. Check it out at this link.

  4. Well, I LOVE the idea of extending the whole season, because baking, making garlands, hanging lights, having bonfires, skating, eggnog, singing, and crafty things are my favourite things ABOUT Christmas anyway.
    We've just started our Let's Learn Carols mornings, and it's a great way to start the day.

    cheers / sheila

  5. Happy winter!

    The snow we got last week is gone--except in the woods and on north facing hills. It looks like your snow is much more serious about staying around for a little while.

  6. Anonymous10:01 pm

    We do the same here. Visiting lights, making presents, Christmas music evening with friends, Christmas baking, and generally celebrating the coming of Summer Solstice aswell as Christmas. It's all a bit of an eclectic mix but it does really seem to focus on the joy of the path and not just the big bubble at the end! Jacinda

  7. I'm jealous! Can I have some of your snow? Pretty please? It would go so well with the really cold (well, for November anyway) weather we're having.

    I don't know if you saw it or not, but in the thread on the hsing board about my birthday, I posted the Christmas Around the World study that I put together for my kids. You're welcome to it if there's anything you'd like to use during your Christmas season.


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