Sunday, November 11, 2007

Megga egga

One of our hens set a new record today. That egg weighs 107 gm. A medium egg, like the blue egg on the right is about 50 gm, the one behind it is a large, and the one behind the megga egga is an extra-large. The megga egga is in a class all its own.

We tried to figure out which hen was responsible, but none of them seemed to be waddling about in agony.

It was, of course, a double-yolker, which didn't surprise us. We were half expecting a triple yolk.

The megga egga went into our strawberry-kiwi pavlova today, as the Ethnic Cooking Club went to New Zealand. We also brewed up and bottled some ginger beer, made sweet potato soup, and some "spaghetti pies" made with (eughh....) canned spaghetti. It was a big challenge finding kiwi fare that didn't involve meat.


  1. Keep posting your recipes. the kids and I are wanting to try them out soon. We love ethnic foods! Yummy!

  2. Your recipes are so lovely. Please keep posting them!


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