Sunday, November 04, 2007

On my feet...

... are my new hand-knitted socks. Just in time, since it snowed last night and the ground is still blanketed. My socks are made with Zwerger Garn Opal Elemente, a type of computer-painted self-patterning sock yarn. Its cunning colour variations are responsible for all the nifty banding. I discovered the Generic Sock 101 template by Kate Atherly at and used that. I've got it memorized now, so theoretically I could become a sock-knitting machine.

This represents the second time in a year that I've finished a knitting project. And the second time in almost a decade, which gives you a more accurate idea of my track-record. I also have a complicated little hat from a book called Folk Hats that is 95% done. I am very pleased to have actually completed something and am almost sure I will finish the hat in the next few days.

In Noah's closet I managed to unearth a lovely wool sweater about half completed in a Child's Size 5 that was intended for Erin. She's now a Women's Size 6. Where have the years gone? If I manage to finish it this time, it will be perfectly oversized for Fiona and should last her two or three years.

Inspiration has come to me by way of Ravelry. If only I had my camera I could be making better use of it (the above image again captured on the measly resolution camcorder. I phoned my camera again yesterday and it is still pining away in Vancouver waiting for a part. It has promised to phone me within 24 hours of its part arriving, and to then head back my direction immediately.


  1. Pretty! How cold does it get there?

  2. Oh, Miranda, those sure do look cozy!! It snowed up here last night, too. (central Alberta)

    I hear you about the years flying by. How can my 8yo have a size 3 foot?! She is very tall, and she grew three shoe sizes in 1.5 years!!

  3. Lovely socks, Miranda. Snow already eh! We've had a mostly mild fall here in the Okanagan - I went out for a walk the other day and was frustrated that I wanted to wear some handknitted mittens, hat and scarf but I was too hot with them on. Grrrrr!

  4. Ah yes, the stripey socks. My Dad's wife has been knitting these for us for the past three years. Our family has quite the reputation for funky socks among our circle of friends. Did you find them easy to knit? I'm a very novice knitter, and have been putting off trying to knit them myself.

  5. I'm a new-ish knitter too - would love to do sock but I don't know if I have the time or powers of concentration for anything more than a simple sweater. The 4 needle thing freaks me out - lol.

    Yours are beautiful.


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