Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Last spring I wrote a post about Noah's intangible path to becoming a writer. This fall he's been writing like crazy on blogs, message boards, in e-mails and on his website. He's much more confident (and surprisingly capable) as a speller, but he recognizes that he has some issues with punctuation and capitalization. No one has said anything much, but he knows he's just winging it on these issues.

Last week I mentioned a "Bravewriter" course to him. I said "There's this set of readings and exercises based on novels and biographies that come out once a month and they help you learn things like punctuation and capitalization and other stuff about writing." My totally unschooled, anti-book-work, autonomous learner said "hey, that'd be cool -- it'd help me with my website writing. Sign me up and I'll try it for a couple of months."

Thanks to Karen for recommending this program so highly. We're looking forward to giving it a whirl. And I'm giving myself a pat on the back for not pushing a worry-fueled agenda on my kid before he was really ready.


  1. Good for Noah! His comment sounds so mature.

    Your pat on the back is well deserved. I'm glad you mention this every so often - it's like a gentle reminder to trust our kids for those of us who enjoy reading here. And I do enjoy your posts - even though you're missing your camera.

  2. I love Julie at Bravewriter, too. She's been great for our house! :-)


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