Friday, November 30, 2007

Absence makes ....

.... the heart grow fonder. And no, despite the fact that today is my 16th wedding anniversary and Chuck is away for a few days, I'm not blogging about my husband. (I do miss him, though, honest!) I'm blogging about this mysterious box which arrived at the post office today. Looks like it should contain whipping cream, but it's much too light. It's addressed to Chuck but a closer inspection reveals that it's not my Christmas present.

It's from Nikon Canada! It's my digital SLR, clean and with a brand spanking new shutter and aperture control unit. And a little note that says "Remarks: Less than 1 month out of warranty - repair under warranty." Three cheers for Nikon! It's been a long 10 weeks.


  1. Happy anniversary!! Ours was a couple days ago. Glad to hear you got your camera back, and hooray for warranties that actually work!

  2. LOL - before I even read the text in your post I looked at that box and thought - ooooooh! She's got her camera back :)

  3. Welcome home, Little Nikon! And happy anniversary to you, Miranda.


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