Saturday, May 09, 2009

It is orange

My home improvement quest continues. The carpet in the piano room is all gone. Thank goodness! It went off to the dump today, and for once I don't feel guilty about landfilling something. That carpet was evil, and good riddance!

More hardwood floor samples are on order thanks to Steve, my friendly building supply guy. I have the phone number of a good flooring installer. Some momentum is building.

Yesterday we began transforming the living room. We painted one wall orange. Really orange. Really, really orange. I love it.

The wainscoting is going to be a deep dark red. (You can see a test of a couple of shades off to the left.) It's not really wainscoting. It's just some panelling constructed to hide the electrical circuitry and cinder-block kneewall that forms the foundation for the log walls. But from an interior design standpoint we're considering it wainscoting and giving it a coat of deep contrasting paint. This room has one unfinished log wall, a vaulted wood ceiling and this panelling. Too many different wood grains and stains to also add hardwood flooring beneath. So the panelling is getting paint. Sophie is applying the white primer-sealer and the red will go on tomorrow. We'll do at least one more orange wall and all the panelling will be red.

This is fun. The changes are big and bold and, in this phase, are taking shape quickly.

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  1. Mmmmm, love it. I would always think of Orange Sherbet ice cream when I look at it.

    Odd bit of trivia: The greenish-grayish color on my dining room wall was picked based entirely on its name. "Folklore". Ahhhh. Isn't that great? :)


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