Monday, May 04, 2009

Corazón Concert

Erin's youth choir (based in Nelson) came to our town to do a couple of performances last weekend. They sang a lot of songs -- a full concert program all to themselves. Some were musically stunning, some beautifully theatrical, some had great solos. This one is just plain inspiring. It incorporates the "Lost Generation" poem from AARP's YouTube contest "U@50" and there's just something about all these teenagers earnestly holding up cards and then singing so beautifully that makes me want to cry. Enjoy.

Edited to add: Okay, I watch my kids play their violins and pianos and violas and it's all cool. But I sit here and watch videos of their choral performances over and over and over again ... and I cry every time. What's with that? Clicking "play" yet again ...


  1. That was beautiful!!!

  2. that made me cry.... beautiful!

  3. Very lovely performance. I know what you mean about the singing and crying. There's something so direct about the voice. My two sure triggers are when my son's chamber choir sings something by eg Byrd or Tallis, and all the voices resolve at the end underpinned by the bass line. There's something about knowing that Alex is part of that deep, beautiful sound, that sets me off each time. And when Megan sings to her own clarsach accompaniement that does it too. What a weepy lot of mums we are!

  4. Er...I try hard to hold back my excitement and onto my seat when I watch them *live*!


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