Friday, May 22, 2009

A green yard

Look at the green! Every year it astonishes me. Chuck remarked that it seems particularly green this year but I suspect it has something to do with our retinas being burned by the bright orange walls inside the house. After supper it's still bright outside, and today it was still actually warm. So the kids and dog headed outside for some crazy running around and playing with sticks.

The dog loves her sticks. Even the ridiculously long ones, which she runs about with like a maniac, tripping people. She's really strong these days. Look at that muscle-bound chest! I guess that's from doing the Couch 2 5k program with me. She is good for about 8k before she starts dragging. The only thing is ... the Couch25k program didn't really work for her, because she still jumps on the couch.

Precious few dandelions, you'll notice. That's because the flowers are all in a pot, waiting to become dandelion syrup. We also harvested asparagus and loads of rhubarb today.

Erin is off singing in a bunch of choir concerts this weekend. Poor girl misses out on rhubarb desserts and all this crazy outdoor play. She is currently on a push to finish up her course work for school. Normally school ends in the third week of June, but she's hoping to finish next week, except for the provincial exams in mid-June. She'll be very glad to be done, although she is talking of going back in the fall.


  1. Anonymous8:02 pm

    Ah, real green. Our green never gets as perfect as yours, but the monsoon pattern seems to be getting established early, so by next week the trees on the mountains will be leafing out and the new grass growing. We had thunder all day with one inch of rain, and five(!) in town.

    Your dog captures the very essence of "dogness". I especially like her expression as she carries the pole!


  2. Mmm, rhubarb! I can't believe that my DH doesn't think rhubarb is a good dessert. Maybe I should plant some and get the kids into it.


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