Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Gap mouth

It was dangling in the front of her mouth for a week or more. Finally, in the midst of a tickle fight in the middle seats of the van with two teenaged friends out it came.

She wanted to know what she looked like, so I took this over-the-shoulder shot while driving, which she then peeked at on the camera. It turned out okay!


  1. Ooh, is she in an over-the-shoulder booster seat now? When was the big event where she got to ditch the five point harness? I know she was waiting eagerly!

  2. Her dad weighed her on the official clinic scale last week before she peed and she was 40 lbs, which is the weight limit for her harnessed seat. She was 39.75 with an empty bladder but the decision was made. Out she came. Momentous week indeed.


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