Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Travel conversation

There's something about long days of travel that brings out the quirkiness in my children. Early on there was a discussion about how people resemble their pets. The consensus was:

"We're like [our cat] Pippa. We stay up all night, wreck the furniture, and run away when people try to hug us."

Good thing they aren't all also prone to leaving mouse livers on the living room floor.

Noah commented "I'm like [now deceased Lab cross dog] Stikine ... greasy and shy."

Erin quipped this morning "I'm too lazy for my life."

Fiona, after sharing in a large box of Timbits, "Whew, I'm all sugared up, and I didn't even have the maximum." (Where does a five-year-old get sentences like these?)

Sophie described someone as having a "loose temper," from which phrase the term "temperrhea" was coined. We know some people afflicted with it.

Jasper tonight. Train tomorrow. Whoo-hoooooo....


  1. I love Erin's comment about being too lazy for life. I seemed to have a similar problem when I was in my early teens. I had many time consuming interests (piano, flute, ballet, horseback riding, painting, etc), but I didn't always want to put in the time necessary to attend classes, practice, study, etc. In essence, I became "too lazy" for my own interests! Maturity, better time management skills, and honing in on my favorite activities helped, but it’s a feeling I recall well.

  2. SI, I loved that comment too. I sometimes feel the same way, which is I think why I laughed so much! I think Erin is feeling this way because this month she's gone from having a loose 'schedule' of getting up at noon-ish and fitting in her music whenever to having a tight schedule of 64 hours a week (school plus music) and needing to be up before 7. It's been quite a shock to the system, I imagine.

  3. Sounds like you're having fun!

  4. (I've switched user names but it's still the same person, Jacqueline). That is quite a shift, but it seems well worth it to allow her to follow her interests and nurture her many talents.

  5. I enjoy your posts so. It is always funny to me how we end up with the pets we do and how their zany personalities mesh so well with us, weird, and hilarious at times.
    Temperrhea is classic!
    Anyhow, stop by my blog when you can and pick up what you have been nominated for!-:>)-K

  6. Just over from Mrs. G's place. I am a homeschooling mom too. Love your blog.


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