Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Erin's Learning Plan 2008-2009

Erin will be using our local K-12 school to structure some of her learning this year, and has several big plans for herself that have taken shape over the past few months. So we really didn't have much to plan when we went out for latt├ęs and brownies to discuss her Learning Plan. We talked about what resources she might be needing, how she might structure her school-days and her year overall, possible additional projects, and any new directions she might want to go. Then I looked at the headings I'd created, and what I'd slotted in under each one. We had a bit of a laugh:

High school writing class
Reading ad lib

Science 10 course

Trip to SE Asia

2nd Language
Trip to SE Asia
French -- look for a textbook to complement Rosetta Stone / or possible high school course in spring

Math 10 course

Gym 3x/week

Violin lessons -- in Calgary, monthly
Accompaniment sessions -- investigate this in Calgary
Corazon Youth Choir -- weekly, plus tour in April
Valhalla Community Choir -- weekly
Osprey String Quartet
Community Orchestra
Possibility of doing Schubert Trout Quintet?
Piano lessons -- in Nelson, weekly
Violin group classes
Summit Strings chamber ensemble
Accompaniment workshop -- November
Joint piano violin/piano recital project with J. (friend) in late spring?

Anyone else see this plan as hilariously lopsided?


  1. Well, you could cross-file those under wellness too, ya know. And 2nd language?

  2. just reflects Erin, I guess, from what I've read here! Which is exactly the way learning should be, of course :)

  3. Anonymous8:08 pm

    Hm, not enough music?


  4. I *love* that you use the term "wellness". The plan looks good to me!


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