Tuesday, September 02, 2008

First day of school

She was a little nervous, I think. When it came down to it, today was mostly about administration, orientation and assemblies, a half day that was pronounced tedious and boring. She found out where she was supposed to be by just wandering into the Facilitated Learning Centre and waiting until someone showed up. Dug into a bit of math. There is no Science 10 textbook yet. The curriculum has all changed this year with much of Physics 11 being downloaded on Science 10, so new textbooks are a must. They're back-ordered, and no one is sure whether that means they'll be here in time for second semester (for the handful of in-class students) or now (for Erin). Writing was more of a brief, slightly lame orientation session than an actual class. She stayed until dismissal at 11:30 am.

Then she headed to her grandmother's house, just a couple hundred metres from the school, and practiced violin for a couple of hours. Her grandma is away this week and next, but the plan is for her to avail herself of the spare room in the late morning / early afternoon throughout the school year. Phoned home when she was done and I came and picked her up.

She has a locker. Cool. There was a school newsletter that came home. Meeting on Thursday evening for parents about fall electives.

I had totally forgotten about school supplies. (Was I in denial?) I found a pen in my purse to toss her as I dropped her off at the front door of the school at 8:54. Otherwise she had only the clothes on her back. Poor undersupported kid.

I have managed to find a decrepit 3-ring binder and a few sheets of lined hole-punched paper for tomorrow. Plus a calculator.

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