Monday, September 22, 2008

Family gym nights

On our Google Calendar we blocked in two family gym nights a week. We've never scheduled it in like this. In the past we would just "try to go on Saturdays and maybe one other evening" or something like that. For a few weeks we'd go now and then, and then life would get in the way and it would fall out of our routine. So far the scheduling is turning out to be a good approach. In the morning I remind the kids that they'll need to fit their practicing into an earlier part of the day because it's a gym night, and they do.

In the evenings the gym and fitness centre are usually empty. In fact there seem to be only two or three regular users besides us these days. I imagine that once winter hits things will pick up a bit. But we love the way it is now. We can pretty much count on having the place to ourselves, and that means that the 'rules' designed to minimize liability (like kids under 12 not being allowed to use the little dumbells or the rowing ergometer ... the latter of a brand that is advertised as being suitable for children under 8) can be treated a little loosely. There's a fitness centre shown in part above with a couple of weight machines and a variety of fitness machines, four of which are quite lovely. And there's a small gymnasium with basketball hoops and plenty of playground balls and assorted other projectiles. We usually bring our Speedminton equipment along, and informal running, stretching, tag and ball games often take place. Four-squares is also a longstanding favourite.

Sometimes it's hard to get everyone out the door, but once we're there we usually have a great time. There's lots of laughing and just plain playing, and the kids (and their mom) feel really good about getting in a couple of hours of serious aerobic activity no matter the weather. I hope we can continue this as the months roll by and the rest of our lives get busier.

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  1. Ah, four-square. I remember playing that all through my elementary school years. I don't think the kids play it anymore. We used to have permanent four-squares painted on cement in a covered area at our school.


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