Thursday, September 25, 2008

More train vignettes

A rare sight -- Noah with pencil and notebook. He was creative and self-directed as he enjoyed working away at sketches for a long time on the train. Of course I should point out that he was sketching creatures and machines from computer games.

String games first caught on in this family last summer during the SVI. During this trip a simple looped pink string kept various members of the family amused for hours. Sophie, Erin and I all managed to master the Dog, a complicated little asymmetrical string figure that if pulled gently looks like a little dog. It will travel across the horizontal strings ("here boy!") and can then be pulled back to the other side to repeat the trick.

Erin, reading late at night, cozied up with a regulation VIA Rail pillow and blanket, by the little overhead reading light. This would be several hours before the loud lady would recount her life story yet again at high volume for a new passenger come aboard in Saskatoon.

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