Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A very small celebration

Yesterday Fiona made brownies. Today she decided to use her allotted brownie to celebrate the fact that she gets to start the Dark Green math book. We stuck a candle in it and called it breakfast, since she'd finished the last review exercise in the old book right after rolling out of bed. After getting all sugared up, she dived right into the new book. That was the best reward of all for finishing her first math book -- more math!

(For the record I should say that I don't really believe in early academics. But this particular kid is so enthusiastic, easy-going and joyful in her pursuit of academic skills that I've had to bend to her way of doing things, and I don't really worry about it. After all, it's about her, not me.)

This week is a lot about Erin and Noah, because of their more extensive music program involvement. So it's nice to have a little moment at home to put the focus on Fiona and what she's doing. Now, where is Sophie .... ?


  1. Lucky you to have an eager beaver! She looks so excited. Great way to celebrate.

  2. Dark green!
    (Ooo ooo!)
    Math book!
    (Ooo ooo!)

  3. It would be nice if your disclaimer were not necessary. True unschoolers should realise that following your kid is what unschooling is about, even if she leads you straight to workbooks when she's 5. I suppose it does complicate explaining unschooling to people, though. :)


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