Monday, August 18, 2008

There it is -- gone!

Finally! It was too late in the evening to call her two favourite [adult] friends to let them know, but you can bet we'll be hurrying around in the morning to show off the hole where Fiona's first missing tooth used to be. I've never seen a kid so happy-excited to see her own blood as this one was when she realized she'd knocked the thing looser yet and it was now only hanging by a thread. It didn't take long after that.

The other big news in Fiona's life today is that we've secured her a piano teacher. She's been waiting for this for almost a year. She'll be studying with Erin's piano teacher. I expect she'll do well with this teacher's approach, as she's already reading music reasonably well on violin. She starts in October. Perhaps she'll have lost another tooth by then.


  1. Way to go, Fiona. Just so happens that my son lost another (the second)of his teeth yesterday as well. I guess they are starting to grow up.

  2. Awww. I keep waiting for our Anna to lose that first tooth. She'll be 6 in September, but it seems all of our kids have been later, Now that's not something I thought I would

    Exciting news about the piano teacher.

  3. Once my Elf started losing teeth, they just started coming out like crazy.

    I'm glad you found a teacher for her, and hope lessons go well!

  4. Initially I was looking for another teacher, because my experience with Noah made it clear that this teacher doesn't have the flexibility to work with young kids who are not "on par" with their sight-reading because of lack of readiness for reading. But Nelson is very short on piano teachers, with two of the busiest, most experienced full-time teachers having moved away within the past 3-4 years, one rather unexpectedly this summer. The one lady I'd thought would be great with Fiona has had to choose to focus on more advanced "continuing students" transferring from the departing teachers, rather than on taking new beginners. As it turns out, in the past few months Fiona's violin reading has really been working well for her, so I think she'll be fine with A.. When I called yesterday to enquire, Fiona was vaulted past A's waiting list. Firstly because we can come during school hours, and secondly because, as we put it, "the wacko family you know is better than the wacko family you don't know."

  5. Congrats Fiona! :D That's the way to do it! My little one decided to be the little monkey who jumped on the bed, fell down and knocked his tooth out... he couldn't wait! lol ;)

    I can't believe how big you are getting!


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