Saturday, August 16, 2008

SVI Photos

Orchestra in action. This year the senior students did chamber music but also participated in Orchestra 2. They loved the fuller slate of daily music programming, and the other orchestra kids appreciated the leadership and added 'oomph' of the senior students.

A wonderful silly breaking-the-ice game at Music & Movement class. Based on cards handed out, participants had to scramble to form "family portraits" as quickly as possible. This family has luckily ended up with Fiona being the Baby on Grandma's lap. As often as not the sizes were reversed, leading to much hilarity.

The Flawless Four in rehearsal. I believe that they were Flawless by Tuesday, so I'm not sure what they were rehearsing in this Thursday photo. They must have just been entertaining their coach with another perfect performance.

More orchestra. Erin, Noah and Sophie were all in the same orchestra, and you can see them in a line here. Noah (orange shirt & glasses) is closest to the camera, Erin's head is immediately above his, and Sophie is a little above and behind Erin.

Fiona's master class. She worked on left hand dexterity for trills, and on left thumb relaxation. She's such a focused, responsive kid in master classes -- it's easy to forget she's only five. These two had a really nice rapport all week long.

I mentioned the string games before. They really took over. Every day the kids learned more and the knowledge was viral. By week's end kids were sharing tricks and games and strings with anyone they met.

Lots of red shirts on the merry-go-round. The two playgrounds adjacent to the school were great for burning off energy and making friends. What a nice bunch of kids!

Family Dance was Tuesday night. It was massive. Almost a hundred and fifty participants. Everyone had a blast. Because the kids had had two Music & Movement classes already by then, many had learned some of the dances. It was time to share them with the older kids, siblings, faculty and other parents. Enthusiasm was infectious. There's something about adults dancing with five-year-olds they've never met, and passing them on around a huge circle, that makes everyone happy.

The ice cream social. Our faculty were pretty happy most of the time I think, but especially with ice cream in hand.

This is where it all happened, and this is the weather we had the whole time. Glorious clear skies and sun, hot enough for multiple trips to Fat Kat's for ice cream and for swimming in the lake but the non-air-conditioned venues stayed at a comfortable temperature even through the afternoons.


  1. Anonymous10:21 am

    Great workshop! I like the "structured spontaneity". A nice mix of music and opportunities for meaningful community building; dare I say, "socialization" as it ought to be?


  2. Wish we'd been there again this year! Saving hard for 2010.


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