Monday, April 07, 2008

Hanging out at the bar

Every week when Noah's quartet rehearses at the home of the 1st violinist, at break time my kids (Noah, plus Fiona, and occasionally Sophie has come along as well) gravitate to their doorway chin-up bar to play. A couple of times I'd asked where they'd got it, but I'd never managed to track one down, retail shopping not exactly being a simple prospect where we live.

This past weekend the 1st violinist and her mom made the 4-hour trip to a medium-sized city west of here. They came back with a thank-you gift for our family ... a thank-you to Noah for initiating the whole string quartet thing, to me for being coach and occasional taskmaster, and to Fiona for "hanging out and playing with" the 1st violinist's mom, who just happens to be one of Fiona's favourite people in the world, and mine too if truth be told.

And the gift was our very own chin-up bar! A perfect minimally-space-taking enticement to active indoor play through the kind of weather we're having now (slush / frost / rain / muck / heaps of wet dirty snow). Of course it's much more than a chin-up bar. It's a skin-the-cat bar, a swing, a feet-on-the-ceiling bar, a hang-from-your-knees bar, a run-and-jump bar, an inverted pretend tollbooth, you name it.

Hopefully none of the kids tear their arms out of their shoulder joints, what with all their upcoming music performances.


  1. Haha, how funny. We had one of these in the hallway of my home when I was a teenager. Great minds think alike!

    (--Greenthumb3 from

  2. Is this a pressure mounted bar?

    We got a chin up bar for one of our boys for Christmas, but it has to go at the top of the door- so we have to lift them up in order to reach it. The big kids use a chair, but it is much more limited than yours! reading reviews on Amazon, I am uncertain about a pressure mount, but I doubt my husband would go for a permanently mounted one. The kids love it- and I have enjoyed reading how your kids use it (Erin reading up on it was priceless!)


  3. Hey, Meesh, nice to hear from you! The bar mounts using a telescopic screw so that it fits into two screw-mounted cups that are permanently attached to the door jamb. It is very strong.


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