Tuesday, April 08, 2008


This afternoon we had to remove the chin-up bar. An easy procedure. It has a telescopic mount. Noah did the deed on his own initiative, though I confess I had wondered aloud rather pointedly earlier in the day if it might need to be removed.

Why? Because my kids don't do things by half-measures. They spent so much time and energy pulling / stretching / swinging / climbing on that bar since it was installed that they were very sore. Sophie explained her trouble with breakfast: "It took me two hands to push the toaster button down." Noah had trouble getting his arm onto the computer mouse this morning. That's when you know things are serious!

They loosened up a bit with some stretching as the day went on. But they couldn't stop using that darned bar, even though they groaned with pain as they swung. They're supposed to play their instruments in performance on Thursday, with relaxed freedom and energy in their bowing. At the rate they were going they weren't going to be able to get their cases open without help.

My goodness my kids have an obsessive streak. Now they've substituted an obsession with Sims2. Far worse than the chin-up bar, but at least they won't ruin their bodies in the next two days playing it.


  1. That is just too funny! We've been through the Sims2 phase here, thankfully it didn't last too long, but we have never experienced a chin-up bar obsession :)

  2. i am still v tempted by the bar though! i think my elder, at 7, may be a bit young ?


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