Friday, April 18, 2008

And still more snow

Yarghh. Just this morning I was going to post that most of the snow was now gone from our lawn. But I didn't get out for a photo soon enough. Here's what started about half an hour ago. Sophie is supposed to play a soccer game tomorrow in shorts and a T-shirt. Hmmm.

I think we'll start referring to global warming as Global Weirding instead. Snow in April isn't unheard of here, but snow week after week after week in April is certainly bizarre.


  1. LOL, I came to post exactly what debbie said ......Aaaacckkk!

  2. we're supposed to get snow here in Portland, OR this weekend, too, but I doubt it'll look quite like that! Still, weird weather we're having.

  3. I third the Aaaaack!


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