Monday, March 03, 2008

Welcome back, winter

After three or four weeks of rain and thaw, such that the snow on the way to the composter was no longer up to my hips, but only my mid-thighs, we awoke to a good five or six inches of the stuff this morning. The world is pretty again. It was still coming down by mid-day, so that the mountain beyond the far end of the yard was almost obscured by falling snow.

But the driving is awful. There's ice beneath the deep fluffy stuff on the driveway. With Fiona still uncharacteristically cranky and out of sorts, I couldn't risk not getting back from Nelson in time for Chuck to go to work, so we bailed on Erin's piano lesson. I think that's the first time this year we've had to miss it due to weather. It happens.

Fiona spent much of the day whimpering and cuddling. But she's kept everything down today and has had moments when the old sparkle has flashed in her eyes.

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