Monday, March 03, 2008

Noah's sweater

It'll probably be another two or three weeks at least before it's finished, but Noah's sweater is well on its way now. I'm getting close to half way. The knit-purl patterns in this one are drop dead simple, so I can knit anywhere without referring to the pattern.

A five-hour Valhalla Fine Arts board meeting provided the impetus to get started, and got me through all the waistband ribbing (top of photo). Since then I've been puttering along slowly, but I've recently picked up the pace. After all, winter is almost over (right? it is, right?!). Spring is prime sweater weather, even more than winter. That's because some days it's not quite cold enough to light the wood stove, but it's not quite warm enough for shirtsleeves inside. And outside the winter gear is overkill, but the wide world beckons. For active kids a sweater is just right on a lot of cool early spring days.

Here's the first (and last, to date) sweater I knit for Noah, in 1998. What a handsome little guy he was, eh? He seems to be really proud of the sweater. He liked it and wore it a lot. I believe it was size 2T. My, I hope Erin doesn't drop that baby -- there are some pretty clever brains inside that little head!


  1. SummerSusanna4:50 am

    Beautiful sweater and thanks for link to patterns on website. May I ask what kind of wool are you using to make it?

  2. Hi Susanna, I'm using Elann Luxury Merino Superwash. I recently discovered, -- a dangerous site!

  3. You are so talented! I love the look on Sophie's face in the pic. At first I thought it was doll but then looked closer and saw your comment.

    I love reading your stories here - I truly admire your approach to parenting/educating. It is so natural.


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