Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Signs of spring

1. The roadside snowbanks, though still large, are getting very dirty as they melt down and the mixed-in sand and dirt concentrates itself on the surface. Uggh. It sure isn't pretty!

2. Four kids, still wearing snow boots, enjoy playing on the snow-free rocky beach down by the lake. The temperature can get up to a balmy 10 degrees C on an exceptional day like today.

3. The laundry can now be hung out on the line outside. Sure, it hangs above the huge mounds of snow still present on the lawn, but when the sun is out, it actually gets about 75% dry over the course of a day.

4. Fiona decides that the time has come to retire the string mittens for the year. Tired of worrying about them when using public toilets, feeling all warm and springy, she extracts them from her jacket sleeves, poses for a photo to celebrate this seasonal ritual, and stuffs them in her mom's pocket so they can be taken home and stored for next year.


  1. Miranda, I just wanted to let you know that I tagged you in a meme. If you are interested, come on out and play:)

  2. We're seeing signs of spring here too! The geese did a fly over and landed on the lake where they proceeded to stomp their feet on the ice before taking off again!

  3. Wow - signs of spring. I am so envious. I am sitting here looking out onto yet another blizzardlike scene! Our snowbanks, though somewhat smaller, are still higher than average. And did I mention it's snowing again? Heavily at that? I'd be pretty hard pressed to find any signs of spring right now. But, maybe it's a good idea to go for a walk just to make sure . . .

    I love the photo of the kids by the lake.

  4. SummerSusanna9:18 am

    Envy here much snow here that we can't see out our front window and it's a delicate situation to pull out of our drive onto a busy street with the banks 7ft high on either side of the drive. Still cold here too...below temps. The photos are beautiful and I also love the one with the reflection of the mountain in the lake with the kids!


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