Friday, March 07, 2008

Dogi girl

Look what arrived this week! Fiona's dogi! She sure was excited. Sophie wears a size 1, and when we ordered Fiona's she asked if she would be "size negative two." Apparently gi manufacturers don't use negative numbers for teeny sizes, though, so she got the smallest size, a double-zero.

I got a good bit of shrinkage out of a hot-water wash and dry, hemmed almost six inches up at the bottom of the pants, and then turned up 3 inches, and they just about fit. The jacket isn't quite so bad. Does she care? No way. She's just thrilled to have the uniform, especially after having to miss class last weekend due to illness.

Today my three aikido kids and I carved a wooden sword. Tomorrow they hope to finish sanding it and then apply a finish. It's a nice, if slightly wonky, piece of wood off our feral cherry tree and they are quite pleased with how it is turning out. It's strong and light and about the right size.

Also new on the aikido front this week: a book the sensei loaned us called "Aikido for Kids", well-thumbed already, and Noah's insistence that we queue up every DVD about aikido available from our DVD rental service. When the kids were unsure about joining aikido, I mentioned to the sensei "they take a while to get comfortable, but they tend to end up highly committed when they do join." I'll say!


  1. How tall is Fiona? Our youngest was just like 1.03metres when he started Karate at 6years old. The "gi" was really big on him !!! Interesting, his Sensei brought a sewing machine to class and shortened it a little for him. *hehe* To see a Karate Male instructor have that kind of initiative. Almost 3 years & now past 6th "dan" later, and he's still wearing the same "gi".

  2. Fiona is just about exactly 1.03 metres, coincidentally enough. Love the story about the Sensei doing the alterations!

  3. Adorable. Great good luck to Fiona in her new adventure!

  4. She looks so wonderfully swallowed up in it, and yet so comfortable.

    When N. started TKD, he watched every Karate kid movie, and many different martial arts videos available at the library.

  5. My girlie was so small in her gi when she first started 8 months ago. I am so glad we didn't have to alter it!


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