Monday, March 17, 2008

Erin's Kreisler

This is the piece Erin taught herself in the space of a couple of weeks last fall -- the Praeludium and Allegro by Fritz Kreisler. She's kept it in her repertoire and has used it to work on refining some of her advanced bowing techniques. Last week she finally got the chance to play the piece with an accompanist. Uncharacteristically she controlled her tempo in the Allegro and went for clean playing rather than speed (oh, she does like to play fast, this kid!) But this recording is to serve as an audition selection for a chamber music program where she's been told they're looking for clarity of rhythm and intonation, not technical brilliance. I think she did a good job of taking that into account.

When we arrived for the session, Erin and her accompanist didn't even play through the whole piece once to rehearse it -- they just tried it out on camera and it worked fine straight up. It was the easiest recording session I've ever done for a student!


  1. That's really very good!

  2. Very nice job, Erin. I hope you get into the chamber music program. That sounds like it would be fun!

  3. Beautiful. William's head snapped around to my screen when he heard it, he joined me to watch for a few minutes, and then he declared that he loves that piece. :)

  4. Anonymous10:24 am

    That was amazing. So beautiful, it literally brought tears to my eyes. I know nothing about the violin, but it seems to me that she should be playing in concert halls. Such a talented daughter you have.


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