Saturday, February 09, 2008

Unaccompanied coffee house Bach

Here's part of Erin's violin contribution to the coffee house. We were all sick and tired, including the family's three performers and our two ever-patient observers. I left Fiona at a table with the other kids and her grandma to squat in the front row and shoot the video. Half-asleep, I think she sort of lost track of where I was. She started crying, with great choking sobs part way through, just before the cut I made to abridge the four minutes to 1 1/2. You can see Erin notice -- her eyes flick off the the left and then back to me, and then she smiles as Fiona's grandma picks her up to comfort her. Fiona recovered, poor mite. And Erin didn't miss a note. The audience chuckle/sigh at the end is from the warm understanding crowd that was following the whole drama -- and appreciated what Erin had managed to pull off in spite of her little sister's meltdown.


  1. i was linked to this blog from a uk friend, and love it. thanks. we are also home-edding, and trying to be a bit musical about it - bit haphazard at the moment!

  2. Miranda, I am always in awe of your children's musical abilities. Absolutely incredible.

  3. I am just in awe of that bowing.


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