Sunday, February 10, 2008

Printing and folding

It's the time of year that I spend immense amounts of computer time doing desktop publishing and web publishing to get the information and registration materials out for the Suzuki Valhalla Institute, as well as the four other week-long Valhalla Fine Arts summer programs our community will host this summer. The websites for the two main music programs are now pretty much done, and the paper materials will hit the mail on Monday. High time, too, because a recent article in the American Suzuki Journal had several pages of colour photos and an absolutely glowing report on it from the past-president of the SAA, a woman who was part of our faculty for the past two years -- and phone calls are starting to come in from families all over North America wondering how to sign up!

The colour cover pictured above wasn't my doing. This year it was contracted out to a real professional graphic design person. So I've been able to concentrate on the website and the inner pages that tuck inside the colour page. Today I printed off the lion's share of the registration forms and, as is usual, the kids helped tackle the otherwise interminable folding. Sophie and Fiona are my usual helpers, and they have great stamina, as well as being good company. I've never minded repetitive tasks like this, but they often take more time than I can really spare, so the kids' help is much appreciated.

It's particularly fun for them because they're excited by the SVI planning. It's their favourite week of the whole year.

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  1. Anonymous3:23 am

    The ASJ arrived here on Saturday - much nostaligic sighing in the Bruce household. I thought when I saw it that you would be deluged by enquiries! Keep a violin and viola place for us for 2010!
    Megan and Alex have written pieces about SVI for the British Suzuki journal, due out this month, so expect some UK enquiries too.



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