Monday, February 25, 2008

One-bug slug game

The one-bug slug game is a short obstacle course travelled by a long train of young aikido students, each belly-to-floor and holding the ankles of the one in front. What a laughing, groaning hoot this was! They actually made it through the 'tunnel' erected for the purpose, though it took a lot of work. Fiona is thrilled to be part of her class and only wishes it were twice a week rather than just once.

She can't stop talking about aikido to everyone she meets. We spent three hours carpooling with some friends yesterday and I don't think we ever went more than ten minutes without an aikido comment popping out of Fiona's mouth.

In the older children's class, Noah's strength and agility have definitely been noticed. The sensei is tending to pair Noah up with the older orange belt boys for various skills and tasks. Both he and Sophie are working very hard and taking the whole thing very seriously. Each took possession of a dogi (uniform) after class this week and after a preshrinkage treatment (for which I was forced to use the electric dryer) they were able to model them and truly look the part. So next week they'll fit into the mass of white amongst their classmates. They're thrilled.

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