Sunday, February 17, 2008

The aikido trio

We went early to Aikido today, because Fiona had sussed out a little kids' class that happened on Sundays before the bigger kids' class. She was able to watch for about 4 and a half minutes and then she just wanted to be out there doing stuff. I went home with yet another registration form. She loved it.

Sophie and Noah both did very well and enjoyed themselves a lot. They were extremely focused, which is something the rest of the class is working on. Sophie commented afterwards that it's good to have at least two people in your family doing Aikido, so that you can practice the attack/defence movements at home with a partner. Noah said he likes how much thinking there is in Aikido. They both seem to be learning a lot about how they learn and where their strengths and comfort zones lie. I am particularly enamoured of how competitiveness is handled by the two sensei; it seems totally consistent with what we do at home.


  1. Looks like fun! Miranda, can you expand a little bit on how competitiveness is handled by the senseis and by you at home?

  2. And Fiona's wearing her pink!


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