Sunday, February 03, 2008

Breakfast guest

We see deer almost every day where we live, but they're getting hungrier as the winter wears on, and bolder. Even rhododendron leaves are worth eating when you're this hungry, and so this morning two deer were munching away within a metre or two of our kitchen/dining area windows. They were particularly bold today and didn't seem to mind me roasting coffee, clanking about putting dishes away, chopping apples or taking their picture.

One curious fellow moved around to the side window and looked straight inside at me for some time, curious what I was doing with the black thing I held up to my face. Since we live in the woods, well away from town and neighbours, these are wild animals, not habitutated to human presence. But they seem to have got used to our house, and the moving objects within it, and are not only not afraid, but are mildly interested. Perhaps they wanted to be part of breakfast club, apple crumble being more palatable than astringent rhodo leaves. Later today I'll take the apple cores to the compost pile in the corner of the property and they'll enjoy them greatly.

Last week Erin and I spotted a bobcat. Now that was a rare sighting. Deer are a dime a dozen for us, but I always enjoy their quiet gentle faces outside my kitchen windows.

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  1. Precious!

    What a treat to live in such beauty... and what a great experience for the kids.

    We have only seen raccoon, rabbit and squirrel here (and some great foul)... we are very close to town and lots of development around our rural dwelling.


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