Saturday, January 26, 2008

An uneventful trip

Sweet! We got to Calgary and home again without a single white-knuckle moment, set-back, mistake or stress. There were no prolonged waits to meet up with someone who didn't show. There were no wallets left behind three hours back. There were no closures of the TransCanada highway due to accidents or avalanches. There was no rainstorm, no blizzard, no unexpected night-driving, no mad dash for the inland ferry, no terrifying descent down the pass with the road-lines all obscured, no fog. Nothing.

We made the drive east during daylight and rolled in to the cheapo motel we like an hour this side of Calgary, and it was (as usual) virtually empty so we got the best room again. The next morning we had a leisurely ramble into the city for Erin's first lesson. We did some shopping, easily found what we wanted, skated on the lagoon in beautiful warm sunny winter weather, checked into our hotel, swam, enjoyed a healthy meal in our kitchenette room, headed back for Erin's other lesson, and had a nice early night of it.

The drive west started after breakfast and proceeded smoothly all the way. We beat the impending snowstorm on the pass by an hour or so, and rolled into the carport at home at dusk.

We're finally getting the details down pat on this operation. I've already reserved "The Room" at the hotel for next month.

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