Friday, January 11, 2008

In a hundred words or less

Reposting this here, because I was surprised by my own succinctness. Seventy-one words:

(1) If you could name just one major reason for choosing to homeschool, what is it?

Life without school was suiting my children just great prior to age 5, and we didn't want to give up what was working so well on a gamble that a school might be able to accommodate their asynchronous academic / social-emotional needs.

(2) What is one thing you dislike most about school for your child/ren?

The way it removes children from the richness of real life and community, placing them in an artificial pseudo-community made up mainly of age-peers and authority figures.

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  1. Hi Miranda...I love what you posted. You should submit that to Unschooling Voices. :-)


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