Saturday, January 19, 2008

Rinky forecast

I have my suspicions that this is going to work. It's fairly warm tonight but look at the lows that are headed our way early next week!

Debbie and her kids have been enjoying their rink in northern Ontario for almost a week now. Ours still languishes about 50% skateable but with frustrating drain-holes deep under the surface crust of the ice in places. I patch with slush, I wait, I drag the hose out and hook it up, I flood, I pull the hose inside, I wait, I patch, I wait, I bring the hose out again, I flood, I wait. And gradually, day by day, there are fewer holes that are draining... but there's still at least one pretty darn big one in the middle of the "good end" that I haven't got plugged yet, and so we haven't been able to lace up our skates just yet.

But I'm still hopeful after looking at the weather forecast tonight. Maybe it will all turn out to be worth it after all!

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  1. YAY! I am sure with those temps things are going to work for you. Keeping my fingers crossed over here :)


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