Friday, January 18, 2008

Gym night

For the past year our community has had a little gymnasium. Last year we used it regularly. This year we just haven't got in the habit.

With the rink not quite ready, the gym seemed like a good place to run off some energy this evening. According to the kids (and me!) evening is the best time to use the gym. It's generally deserted, which means everyone feels comfortable and they can just being themselves and have fun and not worry about people noticing them. So the kids did their practicing during the afternoon in order to clear the evening for gym and down we went. We usually volley back and forth with badminton racquets and play a game of Four Squares. And a game of freeze tag is a requirement. Sophie and Fiona especially like it when Chuck comes along. He adds a certain good-humoured goofyness to the tag games.

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  1. Aren't men great for goofy fun! My dh plays less with the kids, but when he does play with them they think he's far more fun than I am :)


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