Monday, January 21, 2008

Rinky success

Tada! I knew it would work this week because the weather forecast. Today there was enough smooth stuff for Fiona to go out and have some fun. Only about 60% is really smooth and enjoyable to skate, so the other kids opted to wait until I did one more flood, which commenced just after Fiona's test skate.

I've put Chuck on notice that we need a rink rake like this one. It'll be quick and easy to build, but I'm off to Calgary again in a couple of days. Tomorrow is Fiona's birthday, a busy day, but I'm sure the evening will bring some night skating.


  1. That looks absolutely gorgeous. I want to come for a skate! Great work :)

  2. Oh, and happy birthday Fiona!

  3. The ice looks gorgeous! Good work.


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