Sunday, January 06, 2008

Girls at the hotel

When all the diversions that exist at home fall away, and we're together in the small but comfy space of a hotel, and are all by necessity on the same kind of daily rhythm, some pretty nice things happen. Here's one of them. Just back from the pool, Sophie has jumped into the shower to rinse the chlorine out of her hair. Fiona has been waiting patiently outside the door for a chance with the hair dryer. Drying hair electrically is a bit of a novelty for all of us. When Sophie comes out and finds Fiona waiting, she naturally pulls the hair dryer down and sets to work on Fiona's mop. No one asks for my help. Sophie doesn't assume it's someone else's job, nor does she give the dryer to Fiona and walk away. Nor does Fiona even really ask for help. Sophie just sets to work helping.

Fiona had a bit of a cry about having to leave Calgary. Little episodes like this lovely sibling-facilitated hair-drying are probably part of the reason. We really do get along remarkably well when we're forced together in the same room and the same minivan 24/7. It's nice. Really nice. I love being with my kids. All the more so because they love being with each other.


  1. Aren't these moments wonderful? It is times like these that make the hard days better

  2. You make me excited for my kids to get older. That's sweet.


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