Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Waltz face

This is the face of a girl who has worked cheerfully at preparatory exercises for two weeks, at first not sure how they fit into the piece, eventually figuring that out, but patiently working on open strings anyway. The face of a girl who worked really hard on the little details of string-crossings and bow divisions, who worked on the two-string-blocking of her third finger and the on placing the ornament right before the bow-change. The face of a girl who must have somehow got the impression from her mom that this piece was going to be "hard", perhaps for no other reason than that she hadn't got around to playing it by ear before her mom started teaching her the technical skills she'd need to play it well. The face of a girl whose mom said tonight "Come on, you try it. You don't need me to do the left hand. You know this piece. It's inside you. Go for it." And so she tried it, not quite believing what I believed, which was that she already knew how to play it, from start to finish, even though she'd never tried it before.

Oh my she was amazed! "I already know it! I did the whole thing!" she laughed and laughed. Yup, right down to the ritardando - decrescendo at the end. Oh, this Suzuki thing, and its Sibling Effect, is something else.


  1. Isn't this energy and excitment wonderful!
    What a joyful picture too.

  2. Look at that smile! Her sense of accomplishment and pride...what a sweetheart!


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